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Taking land off the market to make the city affordable (EN/FR)

The conference is full but we will be live on Twitch 👉


Housing prices are rising in Brussels and in cities around the world. One of the causes is the financialisation of housing: housing has been discovered by international capital as a safe investment object. Couldn’t a solution to the housing crisis be to take housing and land off the market, so that it cannot be speculated on and remains affordable forever? Community Land Trusts are already doing this in cities around the world. How can this be scaled up? What is the potential for Brussels?

On Oct-28 we welcome speakers from CLT’s in Burlington and Puerto Rico (the Caño Martín Peña CLT), World Habitat, CLTB and the CALICO project as well as the head of the housing alderman’s office in Barcelona to present and discuss their work, ambitions and struggles. After the presentations you can participate in one of the workshops on different housing and land issues in Brussels and beyond.


To close the afternoon, drinks are offered!



The event will take place in English and French, translation to both languages is provided.


You can find more information and the link to register (for free) on the CLTB website!

This event is organised by Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) in collaboration with Perspective.Brussels, World Habitat, Cosmopolis, Brussels Centre for Urban Studies and Brussels Academy, at the occasion of CLTB winning this year’s World Habitat Award


Thomas Dawance VUB (Cosmopolis)


14:00 > 17:30


The conference is full but we will be live on Twitch 👉


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