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Brussels Academy organises all kinds of activities: co-productive workshops, seminars, excursions and visits, master classes, conferences, bespoke courses etc.


In digital or in our favourite Brussels locations let's discuss together about the future of Brussels

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An urban citizens university: Making city together*

A platform for everyone interested in Brussels and wanting to know more about it. Professors and city experts share their knowledge of Brussels with the civil society. All kinds of activities are organised: co-productive workshops, seminars, conferences, excursions and visits, debates, co-creation workshops, master classes, tailor-made courses, etc. 


*With an urban and citizens' university, we mean a space of co-construction of knowledge between universities, civil society and the diversity of Brussels' citizens. This space must become a lever for citizenship and encourage the inhabitants of Brussels to get involved in their city.



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For Brussels Academy, knowledge is not a commodity, but a public good that must be freely accessible. We strive for a city with informed and engaged citizens. Our activities are therefore free of charge, but they do involve costs and organisation. Whatever your contribution or donation, your support will enable Brussels Academy to maintain its autonomy and to continue to develop activities for all the people of Brussels. 

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