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How can I contribute to the Brussels Academy project?


Engaged public




Brussels Academy exchanges knowledge to contribute to a city with informed and engaged citizens. That's why in the first place we want to encourage all Brusselers to take part in our activities!

The Brussels Academy is a coproductive project, made possible by a large network: about ten university professors who are involved in shaping the project, a group of committed volunteers for the reception and organisation, about a hundred academics, experts and civil society actors who have come to share their knowledge, about a hundred partner organisations who help to put together the programmes, about fifteen Brussels institutions who welcome our activities for free...

Would you like to work as a volunteer at Brussels Academy? To teach? Feel free to contact us to come on board.


Teacher, volunteer, trainee...


participatory support

Knowledge is a common good that must be freely accessible. That is our basic philosophy. And that is why we strive for an accessible and open offer. Researchers and citizens come to share their knowledge for free ; partner organisations welcome our activities for free... Nevertheless, we have costs for the preparation, organisation and communication.

Your financial contribution, whatever the amount, enables Brussels Academy to maintain its autonomy and to continue to offer and develop activities for all Brusselers.

An initiative such as the Brussels Academy cannot survive without participatory support.

Bank account number :

IBAN BE93 0689 4075 8567


Want to take part in the project?

Send us your contact details and tell us how you would like to contribute to Brussels Academy.


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