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“This Is Us. This is Brussels.” Talks


“This is Us. This is Brussels.” starts with the question “Suppose Brussels were 1,000 people?” and builds, based on this data, a “human archive” with the stories of 1,000 people to make the Brussels and Brusselers of the 2020s visible: a super-diverse, young, multi-layered, and complex city at the heart of Europe. The project seeks to discover and create new alliances and find the “us” in their stories.

The first 200 contributions of Brussels residents have been collected by a very diverse team of “heritage brokers” and made accessible in the “human archive” of the project.

It is time now to start working with the “us” in these lives, visions of the city, heritage stories, and desired futures in Molenbeek through “Heritage Conversations” and “This is Us. This is Brussels. Talks.”

On April 20th, 2024, from 14h to 19h, we will organise three “This is Us. This is Brussels. Talks.” These hour-long dialogues will be an opportunity to delve deeper into “us”, themes frequently mentioned in the interviews.

14h – 15h: Homesickness
16h – 17h: Football
18h – 19h: Returned to Brussels

Each talk starts with a brief presentation of the project “This is Us. This is Brussels.”, followed by testimonials of two interviewees from our archive who brought up the subject of the talk while telling their stories about their lives in Brussels. Each talk also includes an inspiration moment during which a scientist and a representative of an organization in Molenbeek will share their points of view, as well as a dialogue with the audience on what the theme tells us about Molenbeek, about Brussels, and how it can play a role in a European capital of culture.



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