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Citywalk: Productive City FR/NL (FULL)

During this walk, we will take a close look at the city from the point of view of urban production and economy. We will walk past old industrial and productive buildings, start-ups, circular economy projects, the maritime district, wholesalers, garages, building sites, warehouses, … to discuss the tensions between production and other urban functions (such as housing).
How are these tensions dealt with today and what are the issues at stake?

The number of places is limited, don’t forget to register in advance!

Organised by Brussels Academy in collaboration with Bral; IEB; Architecture Workroom Brussels; Latitude; Metrolab, Cosmopolis (VUB); 1010 architecture urbanism*, during the Archiweek of Urban.Brussels.

* Originally, with this consortium, we planned a whole series of company visits and debates on the theme of “production in the city” for a wide audience in autumn 2020. This series has been postponed until further notice due to Covid19 restrictions. With this excursion we want to give a taste of what is to come (hopefully in autumn 2021). Stay informed via the Facebook page of Brussels Academy!


Jan Zaman Ruimte Vlaanderen (Departement Omgeving)


10:00 > 13:30




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