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ECOPOLIS 2022 – Multiple (hi)stories, Multiple futures (EN/FR/NL)

Ecopolis is the perfect annual day to meet people who care about a sustainable future. Inspiring books, documentaries and debates between writers, academics and civil society thinkers about ecology, economy and society are at the heart of Ecopolis.

“Thinking out of the box is exactly how the box thinks. We are the boxes we strive to out-think,” writes philosopher Báyò Akómoláfé, speaker at the eighth edition of Ecopolis where artists, thinkers and doers break open our frames.

Social, ecological and economic crises force us to think about a radically different way of living. Can unheard stories help us with that? Stories that link different generations, geographical areas that are far apart or ancient knowledge and technology. Can activism as a form of love take us further than doomsday thinking?

“The world is not about to end; we are already living with a different world,” Akomolafe continues. Ecopolis brings stories that depict an inclusive and sustainable future for this new world.


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13:30 > 22:00


Ancienne Belgique

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