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#4. Cultivating Brussels as a cultural laboratory for the right to the city:

artistic creation and social transformation

We invite you to a thought-provoking conversation about Brussels as a laboratory for artistic creation and cultural practices that produce the right to the city.

Brussels is a diverse and dynamic city that boasts an incredible artistic scene, but unfortunately, our institutional and cultural organization doesn’t always support the production of Brussels culture. If we want to strengthen the people of Brussels and create a cultural capital that truly represents them, we need to explore how to produce cultural creations, practices, and platforms that express the city’s unique identity.
However, it’s not just about artistic expression. It’s also important to consider how cultural production can partner with social, sustainable, and decolonial transitions that our city needs to make. How can we create a creative coalition between artistic autonomy, cultural inclusion, and urban transformation?

If we succeed in building such a coalition and the institutional and policy instruments required to support it, we can become the cultural laboratory that a real capital of Europe deserves and needs to be. Join us in this conversation to explore these ideas further and imagine the possibilities for the future of our common Brussels culture.


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10:00 > 13:00


les Halles de Schaerbeek



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