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ECOPOLIS : Hope is Action

Choose your programme according to three different themes, each shedding light on the ecological crisis in its own way:

Facts and/or fiction?

Does knowing more about climate help us make the right decisions? Where can we gain this knowledge from? Can politics and our personal lives also play a role?  How can fiction help bring about our hope and a sense of responsibility?

Are these questions on your mind too? In this programme item, you will take part in conversations, a walk and performances with a host of scientists and readers (you, for instance) and share inspiration.


How do words become deeds? How can you contribute to a fair future? Which initiatives can you take part in?

Get your hands dirty: come screen printing, pimp your clothes and cycle around in the city visiting places full of hope. Engage with real doers on energy sharing, fair fashion and housing cooperatives.

Discover how to transform your own commitment into collective action in your daily life. The debate is open!

The Power of Change

History shows that a better society does not happen by itself. It comes from sustained action by committed people. It took decades of social struggles to bring about the welfare state. Today, many are pushing for a quality society for all.


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10:30 > 21:30



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