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NEW SPEAKER SSU #3. Thermal Practices

Announcement: attention urban enthusiasts!

Due to some unforeseeable circumstances, we have had to cancel Sabine Barles’ highly anticipated StadsSalonsUrbains lecture. But fear not! We have summoned an equally captivating speaker to save the day with their enlightening insights and quirky charm.

Introducing Daniel BARBER, Head of School, Architecture at University of Technology Sydney. He is a historian and theorist focused on environmental dimensions of architecture’s past, present, and future. He is especially interested in how the pedagogy and practice of architecture are adapting to climate instability.

🎙️ Lecture #3 | Daniel BARBER | thermal practices

Canceled : Sabine Barles – the infrastructures of urban metabolism, 18th-20th centuries

Industrialization and urbanization are one of the main characteristics of the last three centuries. From a socio-ecological perspective, these centuries were also marked by the transition from agrarian to industrial socio-ecological regime. The shift in energy regime from solar to fossil, the intensification of energy of material flows, the decoupling between energy provision and land use, the linearization of social metabolism (extract, consume, throw away) were the main manifestations of this transition that deeply transformed the built environment and provoked major changes in urban metabolism.

The talk will examine the way in which these transformations and changes occurred in industrializing cities and will emphasize their complexity and the link between urban metabolism and built infrastructures. Indeed, urban metabolism didn’t shift directly from circular to linear, as one could think at first sight. To some extent, it became more circular during the 19th century, before its total linearization during the 20th century. The reshaping of urban metabolism was made possible by numerous infrastructures that were built since the 18th century. As a result, infrastructures can be considered both as the consequence of industrialization and as the way in which urban metabolism was (re)shaped.


Daniel A. Barber Head of School, Architecture at UTS, Sydney


17:30 > 19:30



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