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#2. Right to housing

Lunchtalk + City Walk

A significant portion of the Brussels population lives in poverty, posing a tremendous challenge for the city. In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness. What can we, as a society, do? How do other cities address these issues?

This series of lunch lectures and city walks offers new perspectives on poverty and homelessness in Brussels. We’ll deconstruct existing ideas and look at the mechanisms that lead to poverty and homelessness.

In each gathering, together with persons in poverty or the so-called « giants » (Gifted Individuals, Although Needy and Troubled), field organizations and researchers, we explore paths that lead to a society where homelessness is not considered inevitable but rather as a challenge we can collectively overcome. “Is there a way out?”

A collaboration between Brussels Academy, Brussels Platform Armoede and Muntpunt. In the framework of the Immense Festival.


PROGRAMME #2. The right to housing (14/3)

11:45 Free Soup

12:00 Lunch talk (FR/NL)
With Werner Van Mieghem (Brusselse Bond voor Recht op Wonen) & Magali Verdonck (ULB)

13:30 City walk along the housing crisis (NL) 

We’re offering a guided walk through Molenbeek on the theme of housing. With over 40 years’ experience in housing issues, we’ll be pleased to share with you how the sector is evolving. Rising prices, discrimination, gentrification, renovation… The challenges are considerable!

By Buurthuis Bonnevie Maison de Quartier 

15:00 End



Language: NL/FR (everyone in their own language + whispering interpreters).

Dates: Thursdays 7, 14, 21 and 28 in March 2024, during the Immense Festival.

Time: 11:45-13:30 (+ optional city walk 13:30-15:00)

Location: Muntpunt Agora

Access: Free, open to anyone

Soup: Free


    • Only for the lunch talk: (11:45-13:30): Preferable, but not mandatory.
    • Lunch talk and city walk: If you wish to participate in the walk after the lunch talk, please register, as the number of spots is limited!


Werner Van Mieghem Brusselse Bond voor het Recht op Wonen
Magali Verdonck ULB


11:45 > 15:00




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