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Collusion! Racism, policing and the far Right

Lectures and debates on urban matters. A meeting point for urban professionals, students and all city lovers, just before the week-end starts.In discussions about racism and the rise of the racist Right, the state is usually left out of the picture with far-right inspired violence reduced to a matter of extremist groups on the fringes of society. In this lecture, Liz Fekete, director of the Institute of Race Relations, will draw on IRR’s work with anti-fascist campaigns across Europe, to show how the law-and-order arms of the state – police, the military and security services – have colluded, either directly or indirectly with the growth of fascism. She will also consider wider issues of policing, arguing that racism in the police is institutionalised, and part of the instrumental logic of policing. Specialist police operations in the field of counter-terrorism and immigration have created a hostile environment for vulnerable minorities, marking them out as targets for far-right paramilitaries and racist violence.


Liz Fekete Institute of Race Relations (IRR)


08:00 > 17:00



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