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A Europe of cities and citizens

Agora Urban Master Classes



04.02.2020 Urban Rhizomes. The Fall of Urban Planning and the Rise of Urbanism – Prof. Jacques Lévy (EPFL)

This Agora Urban Master Class facilitated by Jacques Lévy will present the fall of urban planning and the rise of urbanism.
When we analyse the issues at stake in contemporary urban agency, we can notice a major shift. The technocratic urban planning is showing its fundamental defects while a novel way of coproducing urban space is emerging: urbanism.
Jacques Lévy is Professor of Geography at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and winner of the Prix Vautrin-Lud 2018. The conversation will be moderated by Marion Berzin (Brussels Academy).

03.03.2020 A Europe of cities and citizens – Anna Lisa Boni (Eurocities)

The future of Europe will be decided in its cities. Their capacity to tackle climate change, promote equal societies, attract business and investments, manage the digital transition, engage with citizens, is critical to build a healthy, fair, prosperous, democratic, sustainable continent. European and international networks of cities can help build this capacity and contribute to bridging the gap between EU decision makers and people. In an EU institutional framework that doesn’t foresee a formal role for cities, such networks are key to make EU policies more impactful and meaningful for local realities.

17.03.2020 Brussels as the capital of an urban Europe – Prof. Eric Corijn (VUB)


In collaboration with Eurocities, WeKONEKT, BOZAR and Brussels Academy


Anna Lisa Boni Eurocities


18:30 > 20:30


BOZAR, Salle Errera +1

The event is sold out. However, there are always seats available on the day of the event, so don't hesitate to show up on site to get them.

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