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Capturing the Change: Airbnb Tour in Kadıköy, Istanbul

Kadıköy, a newly popularized middle-class district in Istanbul, Turkey, is becoming the center of culture and design; from boutique shops to art galleries, and opera houses to bars and cafes all together with a spectacle of commercial gentrification. In this fast wind of change, digital tourism platforms such as Airbnb present opportunities to travelers to “experience” the places they visit as if they are the locals.

How can we observe the socio-political spatial change in Kadıköy with a tour through Airbnb? Does Airbnb simply offer travelers the opportunity to feel as a local or is it an actor of transformation in the areas like Kadıköy? This talk invites you on a virtual tour that will turn Airbnb’s clichéd locality and illusion of authenticity upside down from the tourist gaze while discussing these questions.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion and a presentation of the airbnb market in Brussels by Hugo Périlleux (ULB).

Informations :

Salle : P02, Facultés Saint Louis – Bruxelles, entrée 119 rue du Marais- 17h30-19h00



17:30 > 19:00


Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles


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