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Since 2008, "Brussels For Europe" has been actively encouraging stronger links between Brussels and the international community by enabling European and international staff working in Brussels to gain an in-depth understanding of the city's social, economic, political, cultural and spatial dynamics.

The project has three key elements:


1. Master Classes :

A series of in-depth master classes tailored to European and international staff.

These sessions include lectures, excursions, visits and moderated panels. 25 editions have been organised, bringing together more than 850 participants.

The main objective is to broaden participants' understanding of the region, encouraging them to become actively involved in the dynamic Brussels landscape.


Bringing together participants from previous Master Classes, the Alumni Network aims to maintain a lasting link between EU staff and Brussels' vibrant civil society and cultural scene.

It serves as a platform for ongoing engagement on issues relevant to both Brussels and Europe.

3. Lunch seminars "discover brussels" :

These sessions are designed for people new to the EU institutions, and over 3,000 people have attended over the years.

The aim is to introduce them to the city, its culture and its role as the heart of Europe.


Project's philosphy :

The project is based on the conviction that the construction of Europe also involves the development of its capital, Brussels.

The integration of all citizens in the urban project is seen as an essential step towards achieving this objective.

In addition, by envisaging Brussels as the capital of Europe, the project seeks to strengthen the sense of European citizenship among its participants.


Building Europe also means building its capital

Building Brussels means involving all citizens in the urban project

Imagining Brussels as the capital of Europe means strengthening European citizenship